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to the Binary Planet. With few exceptions, poets have traditionally been unable to control the presentation layer of their work. As the result, much of poetry even today is bound to the printed page. On this Binary Planet I want you to see the poems. I want you to hear the poems. I want you to see a living book and know that poetry can be more...much much more.

There is a small suggested donation. This gives you access to the entire site and all updates and additions. Fond of paper? Subscribers can download a PDF of the manuscript or PDF's of individual poems. To become a subscriber, just click on the "Register" link. Your email will not be used or sold to anyone for any purpose.

So come aboard and let's see how far we can go.

From the author of American Software

poetry can be more

The poem that comes to you knows the way. It will stay for a time but not a long time. It needs nothing.
- The Art of the Poem


Section 0001

Symbolic Logic

Section 0010

Reverse Engineering


Section 0011

Living Behind the Lines

Section 0100

Edge Cases